Amazon Best-Seller Day – The Report

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Amazon Best-Seller Day/National Missing Children’s Day campaign on May 25th! We ended that day at # 312 overall, an outstanding accomplishment for a young-adult book!

So yes, that’s right, Evangeline Brown and the Cadillac Motel was officially a hit!

In addition, we’ve gotten tons of great publicity for National Missing Children’s Day! Michele will be donating funds from the day to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The donation will include all of the money from an auction of an autographed copy of the book on eBay, as well as her royalties from the May 25 Amazon sales of Evangeline Brown and the Cadillac Motel. She is thrilled to be able to give her share of the earnings directly to helping missing kids.

To put the achievement of this campaign in perspective, consider this: for that day, anyway, Evangeline Brown was more popular than Harry Potter (higher ranking than all five books) AND Lemony Snicket (higher ranking than all eleven books, including preorders on the highly anticipated latest volume)! We hope that this effort has gotten the word out about Evangeline Brown, and she will continue to grow in popularity as more and more people read and enjoy her story.

We greatly appreciate your support of both the book and the Missing Children cause! Please continue to spread the word about both!

Thank you,

Michele Ivy Davis