Michele Ivy Davis

The following have been completed but are not yet under contract.

Please contact MicheleIvyDavis@aol.com if you wish to discuss
publishing any of this work.


Jane the Magnificent
Manuscript was a finalist out of over 400 entries in the
2005 William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition.

Ranked among the Top 30 first pages -- 2013 First Page Competition, Words with Jam --
Judged by Sue Grafton, Author of
A is for Alibi and other books in the Kinsey Millhone mystery series

A shy girl and her outgoing younger sister are forced to fend for themselves when they are sent to live with an uncaring aunt they barely know.




Sheep Finds a Friend

None of the other animals at the farm will be friends with Sheep because he is different; then a special goose arrives.
(Inspired by a true story)



The Secret of Cypress Lake
Finalist -- San Diego Book Awards 2013, Short Story category

The behavior of the couple in the trailer next door -- and the alligator they feed --
fills a woman in an isolated lakeside house with apprehension.


Waiting to Hear
Finalist -- Women on Writing Flash Fiction Contest Spring 2013

Sometimes the words that mean the most are never spoken


The Package from Whiskey Bay
(Honorable Mention in the "Whiskey Bay"
 Short Fiction Contest, 2001 -- Peony Press)

A musty box and a lawyer's letter transport a young man
 back to his youth in the swamps of Louisiana.

The Countdown

Jake had the diamonds. Now all he had to do was get out of the country.

Birthday Magic

The view through a mirrored kaleidoscope brings romance.


A Town Called Middle Age
From Babies to Middle Age in nothing flat.

Fear of Falling
Hundreds of feet in the air in a small plane. What if the rubber band breaks?

The Bad Taste Police Don't Stop Here
When it comes to cars, some husbands don't know
when enough color is more than enough.

Remember Radiators?
A nostalgic look at an old house heated by radiators.

The Angels Wore Tennis Shoes
Volunteers at a cancer camp for adults bring laughter
and fun back into the lives of cancer patients.


Triplets with Bushy Tails
The true story of three orphaned baby squirrels.

The Great Chicken Caper
Five pet chickens lived in our suburban backyard (with the approval of the zoning department).

Please contact MicheleIvyDavis@aol.com if you wish to discuss
publishing any of this work.


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